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Education Service News Item

Update - CES Model Employment Documentation

The CES has recently reviewed all of the model employment documentation that they produce for Catholic schools and academies in England and Catholic schools in Wales.  


Updated resources have now been launched, as well as publishing some brand new documents. 


The existing models that have been updated are:


Application Stage:


  • Application Forms for Senior Leaders, Teachers, Support Staff and Lay Chaplains
  • Notes to Applicants
  • Model Recruitment Monitoring Form
  • Model Rehabilitation of Offenders Act Disclosure Form
  • CES Guidance Note on employment references(this is a new addition)


Recruitment and Appointment Process


  • Model Invitation to Interview Letter
  • Equality Act 2010 - Reasonable Adjustments Statement
  • Applicant’s Declaration
  • Guidance for Governors on recruitment in Catholic schools
  • Checklist of evidence obtained at interview (this is a new addition)   


Contracts of Employment


Two sets (one for maintained schools; one for academies) of model CES contracts of employment were updated and uploaded on to the CES website in April of this year.  In addition, the CES has different contract resources, including for joint church schools and academies wishing to depart from nationally agreed terms and conditions of employment.


Workplace Policies


  • Appraisal Policy and Procedure for Support Staff
  • Appraisal Policy and Procedure for Teachers  
  • Capability Policy and Procedure
  • Capability Policy Template Letters
  • Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
  • Disciplinary Policy Template Letter
  • Grievance Resolution Policy and Procedure
  • Grievance Resolution Policy Template Letters  
  • Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure
  • Sickness Absence Template Letters


All of the above policies have been amended for schools in England and Wales.  All of the above policies have also now been introduced as separate documents for academies in England.


New User Guide for all CES employment documentation


The CES has compiled a new User Guide on CES Model School Staff Employment Documentation which supports the Bishops’ Memorandum on Appointment of Teachers in Catholic Schools and explains the basis for all of the model resources produced as well as the practical implications of using the documents together with a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions during the different stages of employment.   


The CES will be writing to all schools/academies in England/Wales to notify them about these updated/new resources. May we remind schools to inform their own legal/HR advisers about these new documents and also that they should always download the most up to date versions of the CES documents from our website at the point of use so that they are not using out of date models. 


The CES is still working on additional new resources to include job descriptions/person specifications for headteachers, executive headteachers and CEOs of MATs and shall publish these in due course.