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Spirituality Week at St. Catherine's, Littlehampton

Spirituality Week – June 2016

‘The Year of Mercy’

St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, Littlehampton.


We recently held a ‘Spirituality Week’ based upon the theme of ‘The Year of Mercy.’ The week was launched with a whole school assembly which explained the Pope Francis’ call for us all to grow in mercy.  Throughout the week there was a hive of creative activities across the school.  These activities included Lectio Divina, Spiritual Journaling, exploration and unpacking of paintings, prayer writing and 3D creations. 

For one day we had a visiting company who created the most amazing prayer space for our school community. This was the first Prayer Space to be held at St Catherine’s School and was designed, created and resourced by the Schools Teams from ’Off The Fence’ Trust supported by Brighton and Hove City Mission in liaison with school staff.

Children from Year 2 to Year 6 had the opportunity to visit the Prayer Space during this one day event. This was held in a classroom which had been transformed to enable them to explore some creative and active ways to pray.

The activities were designed to encourage students to pause and reflect on key ideas such as God’s mercy towards us (in the ‘Sorry Shredder’ zone) and God’s mercy through us as we prayed for people less fortunate than ourselves (in the ‘Pipe Cleaner People’ zone). The Space was also opened during lunch time and after school to allow parents and school staff the opportunity to experience the activities the students had taken part in.  

The quotes below reflect the impact that this experience had on some of our pupils.


“I feel happy because at the shredder it is like your sins have been washed away.”


“I felt good and loved by God because I had said sorry for what I did wrong.”


“I thought it was inspiring.”


“I really enjoyed it and I love the game because it made me consider about other people!”


“God answers our prayers in his own way.”


“I felt free because I could talk to God about anything.”


“It has changed me a lot on the inside.”

 Fiona McGonigle

Deputy Headteacher