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St Edmund's Support CAFOD's Summer of Hope

Pupils of St Edmund's in Godalming have been congratulated for their fundraising initiatives for the CAFOD #Summer of Hope Coronavirus Appeal.

They held two mufti days and a crazy hair day, planned by Year 6. Year 6 children have been really inspired and have created letters spelling out 'Hope is Contagious' which you might be able to read in the picture! One of the Year 1 pupils also held a sponsored karaoke at home with his family. 

The children have raised over £200 so far and they have further activities planned.

The school received this message from CAFOD 

We would like to congratulate St Edmund’s  on their excellent fundraising initiatives for the CAFOD #Summer of Hope Coronavirus Appeal. Your photograph is delightful and certainly ‘Hope is contagious’ and what your children are doing to raise money in creative ways, will bring about HOPE to our brothers and sisters overseas.

Please thank the Yr. 6s and Yr. 1s and anyone else who has been involved in raising £200 so far. That really is a tremendous effort.  We would love to hear about your other planned activities too.


The links CAFOD have created to celebrate St Edmund's efforts are below:  - blog

If any other schools have supported the CAFOD campaign please get in touch.