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Schools & parishes show support to those in need


Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Crawley 

The art work from these videos produced by pupils from OLQOH is displayed throughout East Surrey Hospital. The videos can be found by following the link below. 

Videos for the NHS -


Our Lady Queen of Heaven has had lots of success (thanks in particular to Linda Kelly, their Leaning Mentor) in supporting families with financial aid provided by the Catholic Children’s Society, around 50 families have been helped so far. The Crawley SVP has also been supportive; staff of OLQOH have delivered over two dozen bags of food to those in need each week. 



Cottesmore St Mary, Hove 

Cottesmore too have been fundraising and have raised £1000 to support vulnerable families plus have also accessed a £1000 grant from the Catholic Crisis Fund who in Headteacher Rachel Breen's words 'were incredible'. They have also set up their own food bank in school. There is information on the school website of what to do and who to contact if financial or food support is required. 

All information is under the Current Updates section on the main home page (plus some more on the community page link next to it).



Many congratulations to St Richard's Catholic Primary School in Chichester and members of the parish community. They raised more than £3,000 to support families with food parcels and vouchers. 

The school and parish are mentioned in this BBC article