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Understanding Sex & Gender - A Conference for Catholic Educators


St Mary's University Twickenham are inviting you to join them for a two-day multidisciplinary conference as we traverse the shifting cultural terrain and explore the foundation of the Church's full and positive vision of the human person in his or her sexuality. 

It is an excellent networking and CPD opportunity and will feature a workshop with leading UK legal experts on charity and education law, including the current state of the law on gender and relevant case studies. 

The cousre will take pace on 13 & 14 July 2018 at St Mary's University, Twickenham.

Cost £250 p.person to include lunch and refreshments for both days, as well as a drinks reception. 

There will opportunities to discuss and consider questions such as:

  • Are there really only two sexes?
  • What is gender, exactly?
  • What can I legally say and do as an educator?
  • What does a healthy psychology of sexuality look like?
  • How can we help children who demonstrate confusion?
  • How does sexuality affect our ability to become disciples? 

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