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“Congratulations to St Mary’s Worthing and St Philip Howard on the opening of the Bosco Catholic Education Trust on 1 April 2017!”

Bosco CET is the second multi academy trust to open this academic year within the Diocese and will, over time, include schools from Worthing and Cathedral deaneries. This is an exciting new venture and we look forward to great things!  



‘The Bosco Catholic Education Trust is a Christ-centred family of Catholic academies, within the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, working together as one body to provide an outstanding education for all.  As Catholic schools, we endeavour to develop confident, compassionate and faithful young people. Through partnership, collaboration and mutual support, we seek to enable all those entrusted to our care to become the person God called them to be.’ 

“Serve the Lord joyfully” 



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Bosco Catholic Education Trust is named after the founder of the Salesian Order, St John Bosco (usually known as Don Bosco).  Don Bosco first established his ‘Oratario’ in Turin, Italy, in the 1840s on the principles of high educational standards and sound moral and religious education. 

Don Bosco’s educational philosophy was rooted in his faith and has been summarised as ‘reason, religion and kindness’.  Bosco CET aims to educate the children entrusted to our care with these three words in mind, focusing on their academic and spiritual development, modelling the values of love and forgiveness found in the gospel, in our dealings with them.  

Don Bosco is remembered for many of his teachings but in particular his belief that ‘for young people it is not enough that they are loved, they must know that they are loved’.  With this in mind, our aspiration is each child is known personally by staff and is well-supported throughout their time at any of the Catholic schools within the Bosco CET, to achieve to the very best of their abilities, in a happy and positive environment.

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Don Bosco believed that schools were more than just places to be educated, they were also a home for the children, providing shelter, love and a sense of belonging (particularly for the vulnerable, disadvantaged and homeless on the streets of Turin). 

With that in mind, our logo represents both our Christian faith through the saving power of Jesus’ resurrection from the cross, as well as a shelter under which our Catholic communities find shelter, faith, family and friendship.