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These documents were ratified by the Diocesan Academy Strategic Board (DASB) on Thursday 5th November 2015.

Title page and content

Responses to current FAQs


Report for Governors

Diocesan Application Form v 3

Note on Consultation

Template Consultation letter

Due Diligence Questionnaire

Due Dilligence Questionnaire v 2


Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Academies Policy

Timeline for Conversion

Diocesan Memorandum of Understanding v 2

Model Articles of Association

Model Scheme of Delegation

Church Supplementary Agreement

Weybridge and Woking Deanery Meeting

Different Funding Formulas

Excellent news on the Primary Adademy Chain Development Grant!




Diocesan Academy Strategic Board Membership




Below is a timetable of events for the Academisation of Woking and Weybridge Deaneries including all supporting documents relating to the process. 

The start of the Conversion Journey for XCET was from September 2015 to March 2016 and onwards……...






Supporting Documentation


Summer Term 2015

Schools held internal governors meetings. Some joined together but all informal




September 29  2015

First joint cross-phase deanery meeting at Salesians. First discussions about making an Expression of Interest (EoI) by end of year.

Schools agreed to hold more formal discussions either together or at FGBs.



October 22  2015

Primary schools meeting at St Cuthbert’s

Schools began to share current thinking with views on progress towards EoI

Item 1 22/10/15

Item 2 22/10/15


November 23  2015

Cross Phase Deanery schools meeting at CNS

Date agreed for EoIs to be submitted



Item 1 23/11/15

Item 2 23/11/15

Item 3 23/11/15

Item 4 23/11/15


December 2015

Suggested date for EoIs though some schools noted that they would be unable to do so until January due to GBs dates.

12  Jan given as first working meeting for Heads and Chairs



January 12  2016

First Heads and Chairs meeting of schools which had put in an Expression of Interest. At this first meeting some extra governors were in attendance but after this meeting it was agreed that each school would have HT plus one governor (either CoG or another leading their conversion process) who would be able to make decisions if required.  Those schools who had not given the EoI undertaking or who had voted a No to conversion were not included but it was agreed would be included in any consultations that would affect them if and when they agreed to join the new MAT. For example, Mission Statement and Name of MAT.

A steering group (SG)of 5 (2 Primary HTs, 1 secondary HT, 2 governors) was set up to explore options and take recommendations back to the full group.



Item 1 12/01/16

Item 2 12/01/16

Item 3 12/01/16


January 18  2016

First Meeting of SG held at Salesians



First task was to explore   response to the areas for discussion agreed 120116. Timeline discussed and draft timeline agreed.  SG sent out emails regarding some actions to HTs and CoGs . Bid writer employed, and Salesians offered admin support as required.  Agreed to hire an accountant to help with conversion finance process.

Item 1 18/01/16

Item 2 18/01/16

Item 3 18/01/16


January 28  2016

Second HT & CoGs meeting held at Salesians

This meeting agreed future actions for conversion process including consultations for schools; St Augustine’s agreed to share their PPoint for schools to use. Draft Mission statement was sent out plus Salesians sponsored a survey Monkey consultation for all schools to parents.  Deadline agreed for schools to have their consultations plus for end of survey. SG offered options regarding areas for discussion from previous meeting. Agreed CAO. Survey Monkey also used to agree name of MAT each school having one vote.  All suggestions were put forward.  Majority decision on name. All schools also welcomed staff to their consultations.

Item 1 28/01/16

Item 2 28/01/16

Item 3 28/01/16


February 23  2016

Third HT and CoGs meeting held at Salesians

Schools were now in the process of agreeing to convert having FGBs in which the agreement was minuted. (see CNS Annex A to Diocesan Application for format). ‘Light touch; Due Diligence underway in all schools. DfE and Diocesan Applications being completed. Karen Barnes (KB) co-ordinated this work ensuring that replies were consistent and dealing with any queries.  Dissolved SG and authority passed to CAO and executive team including Interim Chair of Directors. Appointed a finance team to lead conversion process including the full Due Diligence. Name of MAT and Mission statement agreed.  Draft Business plan circulated.

Item 1 23/02/16

Item 2 23/02/16

Item 3 23/02/16

Item 4 23/02/16

Item 5 23/02/16

Item 6 23/02/16

Item 7 23/02/16

Item 8 23/02/16

Item 9 23/02/16

Item 10 23/02/16


February 25  2016

All completed documents to be sent to KB.

KB reviewed all documents - finalising information; ensuring consistency and accuracy; Due diligence checked by Executive team. All document sent to DABCEC for DASB to read for meeting on 29 February.



February 29  2016

DASB meeting

At this meeting the DASB examined and discussed this application to convert for NWSCET and asked questions to clarify matters from Carole Ann Roycroft. She left the room whilst the DASB under guidance of the Vice Chair reviewed the application.  The DASB agreed the applications on behalf of the Bishop, with some amendments, e.g. some errors were noted in information and clarification in the Business Plan. 



March 3  2016

Applications to DfE

KB made the amendments suggested by the DASB, and sent all the documents to the DfE. Acknowledgement was received.  There were several emails asking for some clarifications to information but the CAO dealt with those and the conversions orders were finally received on 24 March




 Application Forms


Item 1 

Item 2

Item 3

Item 4

Item 5

Item 6

Item 7

Item 8


NB:   There is a health warning with this table of events. A lot of hard work has been hidden in the overviews given. This table of events is to give other Diocesan MATs some feeling of the journey taken by NWSCET.  We deliberately gave ourselves a short timeline as we wanted to access the Primary Chain Grant available in March.  Actually it was a good thing because it gave us the impetus to work quickly and enabled the decision making to be thorough but to time.

The biggest steps were in trusting each other; allowing the SG then the Executive team to take the lead enabling quick responses to decision making; especially ensuring that the HT and CoGs group could make decisions for their GBs. The appointment of KB as the focus for the applications and setting the time line was crucial. 

The work of the Executive team is key to success post the early steps of putting together the applications and sending them to the DASB and DfE; the actions surrounding the Full Due Diligence, both Financial and in Governance are key to ensuing that any issues regarding land; budgets; governance; personnel etc are identified and steps taken to mitigate or clarify them. The schools gave Ani Magill and the Executive team full access to all their data and financial paperwork.  Work is still ongoing including the start of the TUPE process, and it is becoming clear that not all schools will be able to convert on 1st September due to staff maternity pay issues but most will, and then the others will follow as soon as possible.  However, from the first day of conversion all schools will be treated as if they had been able to convert  and will be included in the MAT decision making. 

NWSCET is also very keen to ensure that after conversion a dialogue is set up with those deanery schools who have not been part of the conversion journey to date and that hopefully all that has been learnt by the Executive team can be used to make their process easier and supported by the documentation already devised.

The Interim Directors have been working since March, meet regularly and are planning training as well as monitoring the final conversion processes for the MAT.

There is still five months to the conversion date with lots to do but the timeline is being adhered to and in fact schools are working very well. The team work of the School Business Managers is exemplary and all schools are supporting their staff in the process.   Other potential Diocesan MATs might like to take time to talk to Ani Magill, Peter O’Brien and Nicola Kenworthy about their leadership and how the second part of the conversion process is working.

Carole Ann Roycroft

Chair, Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary (member of the Steering Group and an Interim Director)

Chair Diocesan Academies Strategic Board




Questions and Answers from the Headteacher Academy Meetings can be found here.




The inaugural Academies Newsletter - it is intended that the newsletter will be sent out on a termly basis to ensure schools are both involved in the process and fully informed of any developments.