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Supermarket Voucher Hardship Scheme


In recent weeks, the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales has been administering applications for grants from a charitable fund to assist parishes in responding to the needs that are arising as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A grant of over £50,000 has been given to the Diocese for the provision of Food Vouchers. The Supermarket Voucher Hardship Scheme began at the end of May in parishes and is now being extended to all Diocesan schools.  This wonderful scheme will assist in supporting vulnerable families in your school. 

The terms of the grant require that vouchers be spent only by the people in need of this assistance – they cannot be used to purchase supplies to be distributed by foodbanks or other organisations. 

Each school wishing to participate in this scheme will receive £300 worth of £10 vouchers for the most appropriate local supermarket(s) for your school (a choice of Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or Tesco is available in any desired ratio). You can then email the vouchers on to those you want to support or print them out and distribute in person or by post.  You can decide how best to distribute the vouchers within your school: whether to give ongoing support to families or individuals or to give out the vouchers as need arises.

As a first step to using the scheme, you are asked to send the name of the appropriate local supermarket(s) to Mia Stace, our Fundraising Officer.  You will then receive your first 30 vouchers by email with instructions for distribution. Mia will be able to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.  Her e-mail address is   

Mia will provide you with a form so that the number (not the names) of individuals or families, together with the number of vouchers issued, can be logged.  This will facilitate the submission of a report on the use of the fund, which is usual practice in the administration of charitable grants. This form must be returned to Mia Stace once you have distributed all your vouchers.

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